Diwali Gifts For Office Staff

Diwali is the excellent time for the Indian corporate world. Companies take it like the brilliant opportunity to fabricate association with the employees, business partners and the clients by pampering them. Diwali is the biggest events for appreciating the efforts of the colleagues and the clients also. Thoughtful and the amazing Diwali gifts for office staff expresses your best wishes and gratitude in the great way and this helps fortify a bond of the conviction between the two. Here is Diwali gifts for office staff.


Chocolate is the most ultimate comfort food, a sure-fire stand-by in times of tension, a consistent source of comfort and a mood-improver and friend-inducer in more positive situations. Research is continuing all the time and experts have by now found that chocolate is healthy for the heart, blood circulation and brain, and it has been suggested that it may be advantageous in such major heath challenges. So without waiting further go ahead and gift these wonderful pieces of heaven to Diwali gifts for office staff.


The dainty and delicate flowers have awe-inspiring hidden mystic powers to die out even the heaviest of negativities into thin air as it is the best Diwali gifts for office staff. The colorful blooms and green stems can cast a ‘feel-good’ spell over you. Their mild fragrance creates soothing vibe and engulfs the environment without overpowering the original decor. The dainty and delicate flowers have awesome hidden magical powers to vanish even the heaviest of negativities into thin air. The colorful blooms and green stems can cast a ‘feel-good’ magic charm over you. Their mild perfume creates soothing atmosphere and engulfs the atmosphere without overpowering the new decor. Nothing can substitute and cheer up anyone by those lovely and beautiful flowers.

Sweets for Diwali

Diwali is tantamount with ‘mithai’ or sweets. Diwali is also the time for staffs’ reunions, lighted diyas, candles, colorful rangoli, lively apparels, and mouth-watering sweets, all emblematic of the happy event. With the spirit of Diwali filling the society, traditional menages gear up for the exceptional preparation of Sweets and Delicacies. However, this situation is slowly vanishing away with the arrival of “gift packages” offered by all common sweet shops and home-made sweets not just for self-consumption but for exchanging and gifting as well. Sweets are must to have on happy and fortunate moments to the Diwali gifts for office staff. Pooja is a way to make the occasion auspicious and cheerful. When there is some occasion like this, everybody likes to have something delicious sweet.

Handmade paper

Make boxes out of handmade paper or buy plain wooden ones and paint them using your imagination! Paper boxes can hold your lightweight gifts like maybe chocolates or flowers which is the best Diwali gifts for office staff. You can decorate These boxes with glitter or multi-coloured sequins or lace or zari (for the traditional look) and add marigold flowers to it! Wooden boxes can be decorated by completely painting them with a solid layer of one colour as the base colour. Use 3D paint to draw beautiful motif designs on the box to decorate it. These boxes can be used to add in valuable items like jewellery boxes, your watch collection etc.

Great Return Gift Ideas for Kids

Return gifts are an essential part of most children’s birthday celebrations. At every birthday party parents are confused about what to keep as a return gift. The little guests at your child’s birthday party eagerly look forward to receiving the gifts that they get to take home with them. You want to choose something that is different, something which is meaningful and something which will appeal to the kids. Here we present some interesting return gifts that you can give at your child’s birthday party.


Books are a great idea for kids of all age groups. More importantly it is something the children will cherish long after the party is over. Books are something that children can re-read again and enjoy. They also work as a keepsake or memento. You can pick out a book that will go with the theme of the birthday party. Story book on pirates for a boys party or a princess book for a girl’s party can be some examples.

Books gifts

One Big Thing

Sometimes choosing one big thing is better than packing an assorted goody bag with a lot of small items. Some great examples are activity books, or for smaller children big bouncy balls or a shovel & pail set. You can also get a great price for these items if you buy in bulk

The Classics

Sometimes the traditional party return gifts work best.  Stationery kits which feature a loved cartoon character, Modelling clay, or bubble makers are all gifts which are typically loved by children.  Sometimes due to constraints of time we are not able to put too much thought into return gifts for a birthday party. These staple gift choices are always a safe bet and most kids will be happy with them. More importantly they are easily available everywhere. You can even grab them on the day of the party itself!

Classics purse gifts

Make your own return gift

Think of this as “make your own gift bag.” What you do is set out colorful containers of various goodies, like assorted candy, pencils, erasers, maybe a small toy and let kids decide which items they want to take home with them. This is guaranteed to make the kids happy as they are choosing their own gifts.  Just make sure you don’t run out of any gift option. This is also a great option if you have a birthday party where the guests are children of different ages. It is also something which you can create for every birthday theme.

Handmade return gift

Donations to charitable institutions

Instead of giving out return gifts at your child’s birthday you can make a donation to a charitable cause in their name. This will appeal more to older children who may be moved by the plight of those who are less fortunate. It can be especially meaningful if the birthday child saves up his or her piggy bank money for the cause. To the guests you can give a little thank you note with a brief description of the charity and attach to a balloon or lollipop.

Charitable institutions

Unusual Birthday Gift Ideas for Men

Gifts are one of the things that make a birthday special. However, finding out the right gift for him can be pretty tough. You need to take several factors into considering while choosing the birthday gift. The preferences of men are different from women. If you are planning to surprise your man with a birthday gift then you can check out the men’s birthday gifts ideas given below.

Favorite Athlete’s Jersey

Men usually love all kinds of sports, be it indoor or outdoor. In case your man likes basketball, you can get the jersey of his favorite player for his birthday. This will not only take him by surprise but also give him the option to flaunt it. Even though you will have to spend a significant amount of money to purchase such items, it is absolutely worth it. All you need to do is make sure that the jersey fits him. You can make a jersey more special by sewing one personally. However, before you decide to do so make sure that you have exceptional sewing skills.

A Ticket to Somewhere He Wants to Be

If you man has ever talked of visiting some place then you can make his dream come true. His birthday might be the ideal time to gift him a ticket for a trip to his dream destination. This will be special, as well as memorable. Your man is definitely going to love the surprises and thrills that come along his way. If you want, you can also include some of his friends. This can make the trip more exciting for your man. Choose his close friends and turn it into an adventure that he will not forget the rest of his life. This is a creative and one of the most unique birthday gifts for men.

Photo Gifts

Any man would love a gift which has been made from his favorite pictures. Some of the popular gift ideas are puzzles, coffee cups, and photo books. You can also get card or golf balls personalized with his favorite picture.

Photo Gifts

A Candle-Lit Dinner

He might be taking you out for dinner all the time. Now, it is your time to do the same for him. You can surprise him with a candle-light dinner. This is one of the unique gifts for men. Make it as private as you can. You can set up the dinner in the backyard of your house. You can be sure that your effort and planning will bring a smile on his face. It is the best way to express your love.

Candle-Lit Dinner

Who doesn’t love chocolate! A box of personalized chocolate can cheer your man up on his birthday and is one of the best birthday gift ideas for men.  You can print his or photo on the chocolate gifts to make it special. You can buy chocolates with some messages in it. You can combine exquisite chocolate in amazing boxes.

When you purchase the best birthday gifts for men you need to make sure that you have chosen one according to his personality. Moreover, get something that he likes and not what you like. Also, the gift should be useful for him.

Best birthday gifts for men


Personalize your wedding in these creative ways!

Your wedding day is without a doubt the most important day of your life. A wedding is a grand celebration in almost every culture. Couples and their family members spend a lot of time and effort to ensure that this day is special. No wonder then that weddings are getting bigger and grander with every passing year. At the same time people are looking for creative ways to make their wedding ceremony special. These small details make the whole celebration unique to the couple and celebrate their journey! Here we discuss some of these ideas which can be beautifully adapted to Indian weddings.

  1. Customized Dance Floor

Weddings are all about dancing and music, especially in India. Most weddings in India feature a DJ and a dance floor and people dancing away to glory to celebrate their joy. It is one part of the wedding that most people look forward to also. These days couples choose to decorate the dance floor with decals that have their names.

Customized Dance Floor

  1. Personalized Chocolate treats

Chocolates are something that go hand in hand with love. In fact it has now been scientifically proven that the feeling that you get by eating chocolates is very similar to the feeling of being in love. So what better way to celebrate your love on your wedding day! Give these beautiful personalized chocolate treats customized with your name or photographs.

Personalized Chocolate

  1. Use your photos in decor at the reception.

The wedding reception is usually beautifully decorated with flowers and other decorations but you can add a unique personal touch by adding photographs to the decor. You can add pictures of the bride and groom and also pictures of different family members. Cute pictures of the bride and groom will add a touch of nostalgia. Adding pictures of family members will also make them feel more connected to the celebration and to the couple. You can also choose to honour family members who are no longer living by placing their pictures also.

Reception decoration


  1. Coloring book for kids

Wedding ceremonies are an emotional time for adults who are witnessing the coming together of two souls. But for the tiny tots it is a trying time where they have to sit in one place for a long time and be on their best behaviour on top of that! You can help relieve their boredom by placing personalized coloring books and crayons at a kiddie table. This will definitely make them smile and you will earn a big thank you from the mothers. Little kids filling in colors in your love story will also make for some very cute wedding photos.

Color book gifts for kids


  1. Personalized swizzle sticks

While treating your wedding guests to the drink of their choice you can also add these beautiful personalized drink stirrers. It will be a lovely surprise for your wedding guests and add a unique touch to your wedding.

We have highlighted a few ideas to personalize your wedding but it’s up to you to add your own unique personal touch to your special day!

Personalized swizzle sticks gifts