Great Return Gift Ideas for Kids

Return gifts are an essential part of most children’s birthday celebrations. At every birthday party parents are confused about what to keep as a return gift. The little guests at your child’s birthday party eagerly look forward to receiving the gifts that they get to take home with them. You want to choose something that is different, something which is meaningful and something which will appeal to the kids. Here we present some interesting return gifts that you can give at your child’s birthday party.


Books are a great idea for kids of all age groups. More importantly it is something the children will cherish long after the party is over. Books are something that children can re-read again and enjoy. They also work as a keepsake or memento. You can pick out a book that will go with the theme of the birthday party. Story book on pirates for a boys party or a princess book for a girl’s party can be some examples.

Books gifts

One Big Thing

Sometimes choosing one big thing is better than packing an assorted goody bag with a lot of small items. Some great examples are activity books, or for smaller children big bouncy balls or a shovel & pail set. You can also get a great price for these items if you buy in bulk

The Classics

Sometimes the traditional party return gifts work best.  Stationery kits which feature a loved cartoon character, Modelling clay, or bubble makers are all gifts which are typically loved by children.  Sometimes due to constraints of time we are not able to put too much thought into return gifts for a birthday party. These staple gift choices are always a safe bet and most kids will be happy with them. More importantly they are easily available everywhere. You can even grab them on the day of the party itself!

Classics purse gifts

Make your own return gift

Think of this as “make your own gift bag.” What you do is set out colorful containers of various goodies, like assorted candy, pencils, erasers, maybe a small toy and let kids decide which items they want to take home with them. This is guaranteed to make the kids happy as they are choosing their own gifts.  Just make sure you don’t run out of any gift option. This is also a great option if you have a birthday party where the guests are children of different ages. It is also something which you can create for every birthday theme.

Handmade return gift

Donations to charitable institutions

Instead of giving out return gifts at your child’s birthday you can make a donation to a charitable cause in their name. This will appeal more to older children who may be moved by the plight of those who are less fortunate. It can be especially meaningful if the birthday child saves up his or her piggy bank money for the cause. To the guests you can give a little thank you note with a brief description of the charity and attach to a balloon or lollipop.

Charitable institutions