The Norcross Brothers owned a granite quarry in Branford Connecticut

that produced the red granite used on these depots and is now the Stony Creek Quarry.

All of this is to say that this is an important and doable project with the right support and funding.

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Please help with this effort.

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Railroad to the Moon

The First Mountain Railroad

Friends of the Keystone Arches, Inc. is announcing they have gotten permission from MA Dept. of Fisheries & Wildlife to build a short trail along Walker Brook in Chester on the JJ Kelly Conservation Area.  It will follow about a mile of roadbed of the Chester & Becket Railroad a one-time granite hauler, past a wooden trestle and remnants of the Hampden Emery Plant to a nice overlook of the brook atop a granite bridge abutment.

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The Chester & Becket Trail and the Keystone Arch Bridges Trail will be the only two formal trails on DFW land in the Western District.  Trails are usually the province of the Dept. of Conservation & Recreation.  The success of the Arch Trail weighed favorably in the decision.  The trail is in the early developmental stage, but it’s never too early to hear from interested volunteers.  Please visit:   write:  P O Box 276, Huntington, MA 01050 or call:  (413) 354-7752.               

Thank you for supporting us at the

Amherst Railway Society Railroad Hobby Show

at the Big E complex in West Springfield.

If you missed it, look us up next January.

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Visit Also Our Sister Site and Railroad Museum

Chester Railway Station & Museum.

10 Prospect Street

Chester, Massachusetts 01011


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